Developing on version 1.3.7

I had a slow pace in development during Februari but this weekend I got stared again.

I have not made a release yet. Fixed a much faster Storage on the client. Figured that I only use the IDBKeyVal storage engine and that support for the other storage engines is a waste since they all store in IndexedDb anyhow.
I now have all code needed in the infohub_storage.js class. No need to call any child classes.

I optimised the storage of writing many items. Used short tail messages to fire them away and report back that they will be saved. That improve storage speed.

I introduced a memory cache that can give you the data or inform that the data do not exist. It only calls indexedDb if it does not know.
That improve the read/write speed.

Found that I could reduce the number of calls to _ByVal in some cases. The _ByVal function is important but also expensive. That made execution faster in the plugins where I reviewed and changed.

When sending a short tail message it will return to you but will not advance further since it has no call stack (a short tail). But what if you do not care about the response of the short tail message?
You can set the step-parameter to “step_void”. Then the response will not come back to you. You have to be very sure that no one expect a return call before you use this.
That reduce the execution time.

There are some more items in my todo before I make a release for v1.3.7, hope to fix those in the weekend.