Developing on version 1.3.7

I had a slow pace in development during Februari but this weekend I got stared again.

I have not made a release yet. Fixed a much faster Storage on the client. Figured that I only use the IDBKeyVal storage engine and that support for the other storage engines is a waste since they all store in IndexedDb anyhow.
I now have all code needed in the infohub_storage.js class. No need to call any child classes.

I optimised the storage of writing many items. Used short tail messages to fire them away and report back that they will be saved. That improve storage speed.

I introduced a memory cache that can give you the data or inform that the data do not exist. It only calls indexedDb if it does not know.
That improve the read/write speed.

Found that I could reduce the number of calls to _ByVal in some cases. The _ByVal function is important but also expensive. That made execution faster in the plugins where I reviewed and changed.