Speed improvements in release v1.3.7

Today I released all changes I have done to the code since the last release in Januari.

Infohub is much faster now on all browsers. It has been a bit sluggish on Firefox and faster on Brave. But now Firefox render faster than Brave. This is what I have done:


The storage plugins on the client uses the same flexible system as on the server. You can attach any kind of storage engine just like on the server. Problem is that the browsers only have indexedDb as a storage engine. And on top of that I only use the code for idbkeyval to store the data.

Instead of three layers of plugins I reduced them to one layer. That reduces the number of calls and makes the read/write faster.

I also added a memory cache. If you read data it comes into the memory cache. If you read again you get the data from the memory. Writing data updates the memory cache. This improve read/write speeds.