Open source

Infohub is open source and licensed under GNU GPLv3.
This means you can download the source code and modify it yourself. It does not include anything else. No free or paid support exists.
Creating open source takes a lot of time and you will not get paid for your work.

Open source is big business

Companies use open source in their business and both earn and save a lot of money on them.
The developers seldom see any money.

How important open source is became common knowledge when the log4j security issue were revealed.
Companies now needed to document what open source packages they use. A package could depend on other packages and so on in many many layers.
See more here.
There is now talk about giving some money to the most important packages.

My motivation

On my day job I develop in Laravel. We in the team have a machine-like work process.
On my own time I develop Infohub because it is fun. I do whatever interest me in the pace I want. I do it myself for myself.

Get paid

I do not care much about money. My day job provide what I need.
There is a lot if things that can be done to perhaps get paid for open source.
You can get paid for doing even more work like:

  • Paid support,
  • Run education sessions,
  • Paid installations,
  • Run a commercial Infohub site with paid accounts,
  • Have extra features behind paid Web APIs
  • Create core features and fix bugs on demand while getting paid
  • Create custom plugins on demand

And you can ask for money for the work you have already done.
Asking for money and sending money is quick and easy with PayPal and Swish.


Some developers have done a lot of promotion work for getting momentum for their software and hope to get some income through commercial services.
You can read about Chris Dutz what he have done to develop and promote PLC4X and get no income.

I do not do any promotion for Infohub. When I feel that it would be fun to write an article then I do so. I publish articles on LinkedIn and on the blog. I have a Twitter account where I write about the articles and the blog and releases.


I hope to continue having fun with Infohub. It is entertaining to learn while building Infohub. I can then use some of the knowledge and experience in my day job.
There is no point in promoting Infohub or trying to add commercial services. A lot of work and a lot of demands. Demands kill fun.